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Can chartfield information be changed on a PO if a payment has been paid but the PO still has a small balance? Who would correct his change for a PO that has not been paid in full?

If a PO has a remaining balance and cost center/project id information needs to be updated, a Purchase Order Correction (POC) will be completed and forwarded to Purchasing so that an update to the PO will be updated for the remaining amount to be paid from the correct cost center/project id.  The remaining PO balance would then be paid using the updated information.

The amount of payment already made from the PO which was charged against an incorrect cost center/project id will need to be corrected by sending an email to the Accounting Office for the expense to be to be updated.  The email notification to correct the expensed payment will need to contain the following details:  Original PO number, amount paid, original cost center/project id and chartfield information along with the new cost center/project id in which the expense will be transferred.  Upon receipt of the email notification, the Accounting Office will make the necessary update and email a reply upon completion.

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