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I am not able to process a transfer in PeopleSoft due to a security error. I am able to get the Budget Lines Tab but in the Budget Header Status, it indicates "Security Error".

The Budget Transfer process is going to produce a security error due to the fact that Workflow is not incorporated into the process so when the information is updated and "saved"  you will receive the security message. Departments cannot move the budget transfer forward so when you have completed the process and saved it, you will then contact the Budget Office via email and provide them the transfer number at which time the Budget Office will approve the transfer.

Since there was no workflow incorporated in the business process, the Budget Transfer process supplied the error message. This error process will not be addressed in the system until workflow is made available to all campuses.

Upon completion of the Budget Transfer notify the Budget Office via email and they will review and make the final approval for the transfers.

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