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I did not receive or cannot find an email for a document in PeopleSoft that needs to be approved. What can I do?

When documents are created in PeopleSoft the Approver will receive an email to approve the document.

There are two options to follow:

First and preferred option: Log in to PeopleSoft and click on the "WORKLIST" at the top right side of your home page. All documents will be listed for your approval. 

Note: If there is a document that you click on and it gives you an error or that you are not authorized, it may have already been approved. SPOC can help you determine if it has been approved or not. 458-SPOC (7762)

Second option: Click on the email and it will take you directly to the document to approve.

For further assistance contact Business Information Services (BIS) at 458-SPOC (7762) or submit a SPOC ticket.

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