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How do I find a foreign city as a location for a travel authorization?

Clicking on the magnifying glass next to the Default Location will allow you to search for cities are in PeopleSoft. A domestic code will have the state's two-letter abbreviation followed by a three-letter code for the city, i.e. TXSAN is San Antonio, Texas.

 A foreign location would be the first two letters of the country followed by a three digit code for the city. The final three characters help distinguish between domestic and international locations. For example, Torrence, California has a code of CATOR while Toronto, Ontario, Canada is CA083.

The easiest way to search for a city is by clicking on the magnifying glass next to Default Location, clicking on the Advanced Lookup link, change the Description drop-down to "contains" and typing in the name of the city. Then click Look Up to see the results.

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