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If an employee worked from 8:15 pm to 12:15 am, I would input the "in time on Monday and the "out time on Tuesday. I don't have the option for an employee that works the same hours beginning Sunday night and ending Monday morning. How would I input this time?

Based upon time reporting under PeopleSoft when an employee work schedule goes past midnight, then the employee would complete time worked over the two day period.

Monday - In Time 8:15 - Out Time 11:59
Tuesday - In Time 12:00 - Out Time 12:15


If the time crosses over the ending of a week, then the same principle is true.  You would record "in time" and "out time on Sunday with the remaining time on Monday AM.
This records the time in the appropriate day and if any additional time is worked later on the second day, then that time would be entered as well.

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