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  1. Absence Management

    1. How will pay be docked when there is a negative balance?
    2. If I work the skeleton days, how do I record my time?
    3. What's the process to follow when someone leaves for an extended period?
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  2. Benefits/Retirement

    1. If a faculty member elects a 12 month spread for the academic year and then gets a grant that begins late in the academic year, what happens?
  3. Compensation/Position Management

    1. I cannot see the Department Admin tab in my view, how do I get access?
    2. Will I have to enter/update my budgeted position information at the beginning of each fiscal year?
    3. Will my budgeted funding row be in the Department Budget Table (DBT) in PeopleSoft?
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  4. ESS/MSS

    1. What is Employee Self Service?
    2. What is Manager Self Service?
    3. What is an Employee ID (EMPLID)?
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  5. HR/Employment

    1. I need to print a verification of employment. Where can I find this information in PeopleSoft?
    2. Where do you find your employee ID (EMPLID)?
  6. Payroll

    1. Can a terminated employee access and print their W2?
    2. Is there a pay impact if time and absence reporting in PeopleSoft is missed by payroll deadlines?
    3. Will I still be able to have direct deposit?
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  7. Time and Labor

    1. Can I view my state service in PeopleSoft?
    2. Where can Compensatory Time balances be found in PeopleSoft?
    3. With the new elapsed Timesheets for Classified exempt employees, how do they record state comp-time earned? I understand how they record it if they are using it, but as a Timekeeper, how do they write it so that I know to give them the time in PS?
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  8. Employee Relations

  9. General

    1. What is Human Capital Management (HCM)?
  10. eForms FAQ's

    1. eForms FAQ's