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  1. Accounts Payable

    1. I am trying to process the Procard Reconciliation and when I type in the speedchart it is not automatically populating the chartfield string and is highlighted in red. Why is this happening?
    2. I had a voucher denied due to corrections that needed to be made and now the voucher shows "Not Chk'd" on my Budget Status has no errors. Why will it no longer let me budget check?
    3. If I entered the incorrect project ID, would I get an error message during entry, or only during budget check?
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  2. Asset Management (Inventory)

    1. How will we manage inventory in PeopleSoft?
    2. The Department Manager retired and need access iNsight for the Department ID’s that fell under my previous supervisor. How do I gain the access?
  3. Budget Hyperion

    1. I am following the training information for requesting a funds transfer (transfer adjustment) but I do not have the options it shows. When I go to commitment control I do not have the option for budget journals and enter budget transfer. How do I process my transfers?
    2. How are different budgets searched in PeopleSoft?
  4. Commitment Control

    1. I can drill down and view journals in my Budget Overview page but others give me an error that I am not authorized. Why do I get this error?
    2. I am not able to process a transfer in PeopleSoft due to a security error. I am able to get the Budget Lines Tab but in the Budget Header Status, it indicates "Security Error".
    3. What would be the navigation path to do a budget check?
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  5. General Ledger

    1. What is a Chartfield?
    2. How do I process an Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT)?
  6. Grants/Treasury

    1. If a faculty member has grant funding for 4 months out of the calendar yer, including only 1 month of the long semester (fall or spring), do they still have to choose 9 month spread?
    2. Grant accounts are not listed in the Cost Center Crosswalk. Where do I find this information?
  7. Projects

  8. Purchasing/ePro

    1. Procard "Notify" button
    2. Can chartfield information be changed on a PO if a payment has been paid but the PO still has a small balance? Who would correct his change for a PO that has not been paid in full?
    3. Why can't I print my requisition?
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  9. Travel and Expense

    1. What does it mean when an Expense Report states an error that reads, "Predecessor Not Found"?
    2. If an employee departs the university and there is an expense report in process what actions need to be taken?
    3. A travel authorization was not approved before the travel dates, what action needs to be taken?
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  10. Financial Management System

    1. If an invoice is received without an invoice number, can a number be made up and written on the actual invoice?
  11. Accounts Receivable

    1. There was a deposit made into my cost center, how can I find out more information about the deposit?
  12. General

    1. When I create a new cost center for my department what forms need to be submitted and where?
    2. Is a username and password needed in order to view a UPK?
    3. What is Financial Management System (FMS)?